mixed softwood logsmixed softwood logs
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Softwood Logs – Large Bulk Bag

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Approximately 150KG
80cm x 80cm x 80cm
45 minute burn time

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Key Features

  • High-Quality Softwoods: Our mixed softwood logs are made from premium softwood; Larch & Spruce.
  • Low Moisture Content: The drying process reduces moisture content to below 20%, making it easier to light and increasing efficiency.
  • Environmentally Friendly: Our softwoods are sourced sustainably, and the kiln-drying process uses renewable biomass energy.
  • Convenient Packaging: Our large bulk bags are easy to handle and store, ensuring you always have a ready supply of high-quality wood fuel.
  • Versatile Use:  Softwood logs are ideal for use in stoves, wood burners, open fires, and mixing with hardwood, making it a versatile choice for any home.

Product Information

Eco Power Wood Fuels is a leading supplier in the area, specialising in sustainable and locally sourced firewood. Among their diverse offerings, the softwood logs large bulk bag stands out for its quality and convenience.

Weighing approximately 150KG, this product is composed of high-quality softwoods including Larch & Spruce. Each log is carefully chosen to ensure premium quality for our customers.

Our softwood logs large bulk bag has a low moisture content of below 20%, thanks to a meticulous drying process. This not only makes the logs easier to light but also increases their burning efficiency.

Packaged in our large bulk bags, these logs are easy to handle and store. Each bag ensures you always have a ready supply of high-quality wood fuel at your disposal. Moreover, these softwood logs are versatile and ideal for various uses. Whether it’s for stoves, wood burners, open fires, or mixing with hardwood, they’re an excellent choice for any home.

Environment & Sustainability

At Eco Power Wood Fuels, we believe in protecting our environment. That’s why our softwood logs are sourced sustainably. We take great care to ensure that our sourcing practices do not harm the environment or deplete our forests.

Furthermore, we use renewable biomass energy in our kiln-drying process, reducing our carbon footprint and making our operations more environmentally friendly. By choosing our ‘Softwood Logs Large Bulk Bag’, you’re not just getting a superior product, but you’re also contributing to a more sustainable future.

In conclusion, our ‘Softwood Logs Large Bulk Bag’ is more than just a source of fuel. It’s a commitment to quality, convenience, versatility, and most importantly, environmental sustainability. Choose Eco Power Wood Fuels for a greener, warmer home.

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