The areas leading commercial log supplier

We are the leading commercial log supplier in our area. We provide sustainable and high-quality logs to businesses of all sizes, all over the country, all year round.


Nationwide firewood supplier

We offer the best quality, kiln dried logs for year-round commercial use. We supply builders merchants, petrol stations, garden centres, and many other businesses. We also provide flexible delivery options and competitive pricing to meet the needs of our partners. Furthermore, our commitment to sustainability means businesses can rely on us for a reliable, eco-friendly fuel source. Contact us to discuss your requirements and also tailor a solution that meets your needs and budget.


Competitive pricing advantages

Great value without compromising quality.

Flexible, national delivery

We offer a range of delivery options to suit your needs.

Reliable & responsible source of fuel

Consistent supply and peace of mind all year round.

Commitment to sustainability

Eco-friendly products and sustainable practices.

Wood fuel products to meet your needs

commercial logs
commercial logs

We understand the paramount importance of a reliable and consistent fuel supply for your commercial operations. Therefore, we meticulously source our wood from sustainable forests. As a result we ensure responsible harvesting practices. Additionally, our stringent quality control measures guarantee that you receive nothing short of the finest wood fuels which also meet your specific requirements.

Sustainability lies at the very core of our business philosophy. We firmly believe in preserving the environment for future generations and by choosing Eco Power Wood Fuels, you actively contribute to the global effort of reducing carbon emissions which promotes a greener, more sustainable future. Our unwavering commitment to sustainability permeates every area of our operations which extends from responsible sourcing, to meticulous production and drying processes that prioritise eco-friendly practices. Furthermore, our environmentally-conscious delivery methods ensure that your wood fuel reaches you efficiently and with minimal impact on the environment.

At Eco Power, we’re passionately dedicated to delivering high-quality wood fuels in partnership with our waste management companies. Our Eco-Power Briquettes are meticulously crafted in our state-of-the-art facility, again using materials that are responsibly sourced from reforested areas. The quality control used in this area of our business reflects on to the production of our firewood where we take pride in applying the same importance and commitment to ensure the best products.

Who we supply to

Power stations & energy suppliers

Our commercial logs are a reliable source of energy. They can also help power stations and energy suppliers generate electricity sustainably.

Garden centres & farm shops

Our commercial logs are perfect for garden centres and farm shops looking to stock sustainable and high-quality firewood for their customers.

Small & local businesses

We sell to small businesses such as village shops, garage forecourts, and pubs that wish to sell sustainable firewood and also heat their premises sustainably.

Domestic firewood suppliers

Our commercial logs are ideal for domestic firewood suppliers who are in short supply because we provide all year round.


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Frequently asked questions

We offer a variety of wood fuels for commercial use. Moreover, our range  includes kiln dried logs, season dried logs, and kindling.

We offer a variety of wood fuels for commercial use. These include kiln dried logs, season dried logs, and kindling.

However, our minimum order size for commercial log supply is one pallet, which contains approximately 90 packs of logs.

We source all of our wood from sustainably managed forests. We also only use only the best quality hardwoods. As a result we ensure maximum heat output and minimal smoke emissions.

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