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We take pride in offering a wide range of premium firewood options, including our top-quality natural wood kindling & natural wood firelighters.
Moreover our commitment to sustainability and local production sets us apart as your go-to source for all your
firewood needs.

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Frequently asked questions

Wood kindling refers to small, dry pieces of wood that are used to ignite larger logs and start a fire. It’s important for starting a fire because it ignites quickly and generates intense heat, helping the larger logs catch fire more easily.

We use a combination of softwood and hardwood for our wood kindling. Softwood like pine and spruce ignites easily due to their resin content, while hardwood like birch and ash provide a longer burn time. This combination ensures an efficient and reliable fire-starting experience.

To use wood kindling effectively, arrange a small pile of kindling in the fire pit or fireplace. Place the larger logs on top of the kindling, leaving enough space for air circulation. Light the kindling from underneath, allowing it to catch fire and ignite the larger logs.

Yes, wood kindling can be used in various heating appliances, including wood-burning stoves, chimineas, and outdoor fire pits. It helps kickstart the fire and creates a steady flame that can be used to add larger logs and maintain the desired heat output.

Yes, sustainability is at the heart of our practices. We source our wood kindling from responsibly managed forests, ensuring that it comes from renewable and eco-friendly sources. By choosing our wood kindling, you can start your fire with peace of mind, knowing it supports sustainable forestry practices.

What sets our wood kindling & firelighters apart

Our kindling is meticulously sourced and crafted to ensure exceptional performance, making it the perfect choice to ignite your fires. Here's why our wood kindling stands out:

Quality selection

We recognise the importance of efficient fire-starting. That's why we carefully select our kindling to ensure quick and consistent ignition, enabling you to effortlessly ignite your fire and have it roaring in no time.

Sustainable sourcing 

We prioritise the environment, moreover, our kindling comes from sustainably managed forests. This not only minimises our carbon footprint, but also supports responsible forestry practices.

Local production

By choosing our kindling & firelighters, you're not only getting a reliable fire-starting solution but also supporting your local community. Furthermore, we take pride in sourcing and producing our products locally, contributing to regional economic growth.

The benefits of using wood

kindling & firelighters

Using our kindling & firelighters offers numerous advantages for your fire-lighting experience:


Our kindling is designed to catch fire quickly and burn efficiently. As a result, it creates a solid foundation for your larger logs to catch fire.


With our natural wood firelighters 10 minute burn time, you won't struggle to ignite your fire. combining that with our natural wood kindling is an effortless way to get your fire going.

Clean burning

Both our kindling & firelighters produce minimal smoke and leaves behind very little ash, ensuring a cleaner and more enjoyable fire experience.

Trust Eco Power Wood Fuels for your firewood needs

When you choose Eco Power Wood Fuels, you're choosing uncompromising quality and sustainable practices. Our diverse range of firewood options, including kindling, is a testament to our dedication to providing the best for our customers. Explore our selection today and elevate your fire-starting game with our premium wood kindling.

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