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Eco-Power Environmental was founded in 2012 and has grown to become one of the UK’s most innovative waste, recycling and resource management businesses. Since then, the Eco-Power has grown across the waste management sector and into other fields, becoming a highly recognised brand locally. As our operations grow, we aim to continue in having a positive impact in all areas.

About The Eco-Power Collective

The Eco-Power Collective offers a range of environmental services, including recycling, waste management, and fuel production. The company operates several facilities across the UK, providing cost-effective solutions for commercial and municipal waste. The Collective is committed to sustainability and eco-friendly practices, investing in facilities and resources to offer high-quality products and services to customers.

More recently, The Collective has expanded into other sectors including Construction,  Renewable Energy and Health & Wellness. Although these businesses deviate from the environmental background, they are still built on the same values and principles ensuring an effective product/service and customer satisfaction with minimal impact on the environment.



Flagship facilities for waste recycling & fuel production

The collective’s facilities in Yorkshire and Humberside offer recycling and fuel production services for UK commercial and municipal waste. On-site rail links provide cost-effective transport for waste, materials and alternative fuels.


Sustainable fuels for energy-intensive industries

Eco-Power Collective’s subsidiary, Eco-Power Fuels offers waste derived fuels to energy-intensive industries, such as cement kilns and power stations. The company’s popular Eco-Power Pellets are the only ones produced in the UK and supplied worldwide.


Operating sustainably with a customer-focused service

The group prides themselves on operating sustainably and responsibly and they continue to invest in both people and facilities in order to provide the highest levels of service to customers, irrespective of their size, location or requirements.

Eco Power’s ambition

The collective don’t believe that waste is a problem that needs to be managed but see it as a valuable resource which has both an environmental and commercial value. Everything they do is designed to maximise this value for the benefit of customers and the environment.

Waste prevention

The Collective adheres to the principles of the ‘Waste Hierarchy’ and ultimately the best way to manage waste is to prevent it from being produced.

Improving processes

The Eco-Power team work closely with customers to identify how they can improve their business processes to achieve waste prevention.

Materials for recycling

The collective are realistic and understand waste will be created for the foreseeable future. We are committed to processing this waste as effectively as possible.

Sustainable energy

Eco-Power recover materials for recycling. Where this is not practical they work with the material to produce sustainable energy instead.

Eco-Power Facilities

Eco-Power operates 5 waste management and sustainable fuel production facilities across Yorkshire, Notts and Humberside. This means that we have the capacity to recycle the majority of waste taken in, with the other 30% of unrecyclable waste being pelletized, diverting it from landfill. Our facilities include an impressive range of technologies capable of processing both commercial and municipal waste and producing effective fuel solutions. These include:

There is still no better technology than the human eye. Our manual picking lines, which conform to the highest health and safety standards, are used to remove unwanted materials that contaminate recycling streams. This enables us to optimise the commercial and environmental value of the material we process.

These incorporate a range of technologies such as:

  • Trommels & Screens – fines, glass, stone
  • Magnets & eddy current separators – ferrous & non-ferrous metals
  • Ballistic separators – 2D from 3D fractions
  • NIR (Near Infrared Technology) – plastic polymers inc. PVC

The vast majority of waste processed passes through a bio drying facility to drive off excess moisture. In addition to reducing the weight  of the material, this makes it easier to process and to recover additional recyclable materials. It also minimises the moisture content of the alternative fuel products the group produces making them highly energy efficient.

Our subsidiary, Eco-Power Fuels, utilises the material that cannot be recycled in the production of its sustainable fuel products. This ensures the energy value of this material is captured and that virtually none of the material we manage needs to be landfilled. Our alternative fuel products include Eco-Power Pellets, SRF, RDF and biomass products.

Many of the operations would not be possible without our biomass fuel production through Eco-Power Wood Fuels. This state-of-the-art facility ensures the collective has the capability of drying waste products, a crucial part to many of the recycling and pelletizing operations. The Eco-Power wood briquettes are an effective way of providing fuel by using the waste products from the processing of wood at Eco-Power Wood Fuels.

Materials used

Eco-Power works closely with customers to minimise the amount of general waste produced. This can be achieved through improvement of onsite processes or the installation of recycling services for mixed or segregated materials.

All the general waste Eco Power Group receive is processed through their recycling facilities in Yorkshire and Humberside where recyclable materials are recovered including paper plastics, metals, aggregates and fines.

Material that cannot be recycled is then used by Eco Power Fuels in the production of sustainable fuels including market leading Eco-Power Pellets, Solid Recovered Fuel (SRF) and Refuse Derived Fuel (RDF).

Mixed recycling services are easy to use and require minimal space and as a result are offered by many waste managers for both commercial and municipal waste. Eco Power’s recycling facilities are capable of sorting over 95% of this material into high quality single streams whilst removing any contaminants. These materials are then used by reprocesses in the production of new raw materials and the subsequent manufacturing of new products.

We also process a number of high-volume single stream materials in order to grade them and remove contaminants. These are then transported to reprocessors to be recycled back into new products or used in the production of sustainable fuels. These materials include:
• Paper and cardboard
• Metals
• Plastics
• Wood

Eco-Power Environmental works with a network of fully licensed UK processors to provide collection, recycling and recovery services to a wide range of hazardous waste producers. This includes laboratory chemicals and the waste produced by the manufacturing, automotive, chemical, pharmaceutical and petrochemical sectors.


Prevention is better than cure. As a result, we adhere to the principles of the waste hierarchy and are committed to working with customers to develop processes which prevent waste being produced. The group believes…

  • Optimising both the environmental and commercial value of all waste produced is crucial.
  • Adopting a mindset of viewing waste as valuable secondary resources is necessary.
  • Waste resources can be used in sustainable supply chains or energy production.
  • Collaboration and political support are needed for a circular economy.
  • Our business aims to make a positive contribution to preserving the planet.


The Eco Power Collective family

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