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  • Our Lincoln¬†Kiln Dried Logs are sustainably sourced and also preserve nature and animal habitats.
  • We regulate firewood moisture. As a result, we minimise pollution.
  • Our wood is ethically sourced and also environmentally responsible.


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Lincoln kiln dried logs

Eco Power Wood Fuels offers a diverse range of Lincoln kiln dried logs. Therefore, the logs we supply ensure optimal efficiency when used with a fireplace, pizza oven or wood-burning stove. Additionally, our eco-friendly wood fuel products cater to your specific needs. Therefore whether you have a large or small space we have the right firewood for you.


Kiln dried logs

A variety of wood fuel products to meet different heating needs

Are you in search of environmentally friendly firewood options? Look no further! Our extensive range of wood fuel products is designed to meet your various heating requirements. Not only do we offer natural kindling, pizza oven wood, kiln dried firewood, and seasoned dried firewood, but we also provide a variety of sizes to suit your specific needs. Moreover, you have the option to choose from bulk bags or bundles. Therefore, we can guarantee that you have an ample supply of firewood to keep you cosy all year round.


A commitment to sustainability & local sourcing

At Eco Power Wood Fuels, sustainability is at the core of our operations. Therefore, by choosing our products, you play an essential role in protecting the environment and supporting the local community. Furthermore, opting for Eco Power Wood Fuels is a conscious and responsible decision that contributes towards a greener future.


kiln dried logs

Certified quality for efficient & clean burning

We take immense pride in sourcing all our wood fuel products exclusively from responsibly managed forests. Hence, it is with great pleasure that we can affirm the certification of our products by the esteemed Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). Additionally, to achieve the optimal moisture content for efficient and eco-friendly burning, certain logs within our range undergo a meticulous kiln-drying process.

Consequently, these logs proudly carry the certification of being Ready-to-burn. As a result, you can confidently anticipate consistent clean and efficient burning each time you use them. Therefore, we invite you to choose our FSC-certified and Ready-to-burn logs today, and relish in the unparalleled experience of a clean, efficient, and eco-friendly firewood.


Exceptional Products and Service

At Eco Power Wood Fuels, we prioritise customer satisfaction above all else. As a result, our devoted team consistently goes the extra mile to surpass your expectations with exceptional products and services. Furthermore, when you select us as your supplier of Lincoln kiln-dried logs, you’ll witness firsthand the distinction that sets us apart from the competition.



5+ years of trading

For a span of more than 5 years, Eco-Power Wood Fuels has proudly been supplying the market with a diverse selection of seasoned and kiln dried logs which are also sustainably sourced.


Large range of quality seasoned & kiln dried logs in Lincoln

We take pride in offering a diverse and extensive selection of conveniently cut & split logs. You can also choose from high-quality seasoned or kiln dried logs to fulfill all your heating needs.


Local to you

We are a local supplier of logs. Therefore, we source all our wood from nearby farmers. As a result, we ensure a sustainable and reliable source of materials.

Frequently asked questions

The drying process for our Lincoln kiln dried logs involves placing the logs in a kiln and heating them until the moisture content reduces to about 20%. As a result, optimal burning efficiency is achieved while also reducing emissions.

Our Lincoln kiln dried logs are known for their high efficiency and eco-friendliness. This is because they are dried in a controlled environment, which gives them a lower moisture content than other firewood. As a result, they burn hotter, cleaner and longer.

Yes, our Lincoln kiln dried logs can be used in pizza ovens and wood-fired stoves as well as fireplaces. Moreover, they are versatile and will deliver optimal performance regardless of the heating solution you choose.

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