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Natural Kindling – 30L Net Bag

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Approximately 7kg
15 minute burn time

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Key Features

  • High Quality Kindling: Eco Power Wood Fuels uses natural bi-products from our processing operations to provide an easy ignition solution.
  • Low Moisture Content: Our kindling is reduced to a moisture content below 20%. As a result, the kindling is easier and more efficient to light, and less likely to produce unwanted smoke.
  • Environmentally Friendly: As the area’s leading firewood supplier, we ensure that all our hardwoods & softwoods are sourced sustainably. Even our kiln-drying process is powered by renewable biomass energy, demonstrating our commitment to the environment.
  • Convenient Packaging: We supply our kindling in 30L net bags that are easy to handle and store.
  • Versatile Use: Whether you have a stove, wood burner, or open fire, our kindling is the perfect choice for starting your fire.

Product Information

Eco Power Wood Fuels are proud to produce natural kindling to utilise the bi-products of our wood processing operations. wide-ranging product line. We handpick each bag using the smaller cuts from our high-grade hardwoods and softwoods.

The Kindling is then dried using the same processes as our high quality logs, reducing their moisture content to below 20%.

We carefully package our kindling into 30L net bags for effortless handling and storage. With this approach, we ensure you always have access to top-quality kindling whenever you need it. Our Kindling is perfect for quick ignition alongside our natural firelighters.

Environment & Sustainability

At Eco Power Wood Fuels, we hold a strong commitment to environmental sustainability. Moreover, we source all our hardwoods sustainably, ensuring that we contribute positively to the environment rather than depleting it. Our kiln-drying process also utilises renewable biomass energy, further reducing our carbon footprint. As a result, when you choose our natural kindling, you’re not just choosing a high-quality, efficient fuel source – you’re also choosing a product that respects and supports the environment.

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